Hartley Engineering.

Was formed in 1991 by myself. I am HNC qualified and a member of


We have been involved in electronics since 1975 working with Transistor, DTL, TTL, CMOS, 8080 processor systems, PLCs, Fanuc and modern PC controls. Since 1987 we have specialised in the service and repairs of STRIPPIT® CNC punching machines. Most of our work is direct to Strippit end users, but we have repaired and installed Strippits on behalf of:

  1. Press & Shear, who manufactured, under licence, most of the machines still in use in the United Kingdom.
  2. Edwards Pearson, who had the sales agency after P & S.
  3. Strippit, as an authorised service representative.

We have customers all over the UK, and mainland Europe.

Strippit users in Canada should contact

Jim Mark @ www.servoplus.com


R L Williams IEng MIIE

Managing Director

Andover Punch Press Ltd. T/A Hartley Engineering.