The machines we can provide a comprehensive repair and spares backup for are as follows:

      1. Strippit 30-30 series machines, including the Hughes controlled 30-30-Fabrimatic.
      2. Strippit VT series machines, including VT36-15-36 and VT36-20.
      3. Strippit CAP1000 and CAP1250 with GE and Fanuc controls.
      4. Strippit T-SAF and 75-30.
      5. Strippit 51-30, 40 and 45.
      6. Strippit FC1000 hardwired TTL control and FC1000II with HECC80 control variations.
      7. Strippit FC1250-30 hardwired TTL control, FC1250-30-1500 and FC1250-33 with HECC80 control variations.
      8. Strippit Lasertool and Lasercenter with HECC80 controls.
      9. Strippit FC1000III with HECC80/3 series controls.
      10. Strippit FC1000III and FC1250 with Fanuc GN6 and OP controls.
      11. Strippit 1000R and 1000XP with Fanuc and PC variations.
      12. Strippit 1250H, 1250XP and 1250SXP with Fanuc and PC variations.


      (See here for common faults on these machines)

      1000-20 75-30 1000XP

      1000-3 1250SXP